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Welcome to 2017 we hope this year will be better for all people in the import export industry and hope 2009 will never be forgotten as the worst year for exporters in Japan. For those importers living in Australia we hope you can contact us this year for your imports and we look forward to hearing from all. Contact us now for a great deal. Read more...

Welcome to Direct Imported

Direct Imported Japan is a leading buyer for all used Japanese vehicles, if yoR34 GTR Being Shippedu are a dealer wanting high volumes of high quality hand picked vehicles, please contact us today. We are sure to meet all your needs and requirements as we are an English speaking company based in Japan -- making us the easiest to deal with.

Dealers who frequently visit Japan are most welcome to come with us on daily auction visits. We can arrange accommodation and information to make your trips to japan as easy as possible.

We have a huge range of japanese import stock available online right now, click here to get started.

Payments and Charges

A Japanese based company Direct Imported Exporting hi quality vehicles and machinery inc trucks from the JaWide Body Suprapanese domestic market (JDM), we understand that when privately importing your a car, you need nothing less than 100% trust in your exporter, which is why we are dedicated to reliability, honesty and finding your the best possible JDM vehicle. Phil the owner of Direct Imported has been in the Japanese motor vehicle trade since 1997 so 10yrs experience has gained him a lot of valuable experience in the industry, Along with his Trade as a Motor Mechanic will qualify him as a hi quality buyer for all your buying needs in Japan.

The Company was founded by Phil Cathcart who still owns and runs the business formerly run in Australia as Direct Imported Auto Brokers. Read the full story...

Payments and Charges

The Japanese sales tax is 5% of the goods sold. However, we do not charge this tax to our customers directly. Most companies, which offer a lower agent fee than our company, will charge this tax directly to you, the customer. Please compare agent services, not only by the agent fee, but also by this 5% sales tax.

Your successful bid price = The price of the vehicle
The price of the vehicle + FOB charge = 90,000FOB (Free on Board)

VEHICLE + FOB + FREIGHT = C&F (Cost and Freight)

VEHICLE + FOB + FRIEGHT + INSURANCE = CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)

Direct Imported Japan are premium buyers of all import models to Australia and other markets buying at auction almost every day of the year is huge task with the mass of vehicles on offer throughout the week in kansai with over 50,000 car avail on a weekly basis, Our moto is to hand pick and check each vehicle before purchase to avoid any mistakes and to guarantee quality assurance for all our customers if you buy 1 Vehicle or 50 vehicles. As an Added bonus we can supply upto or more than 50 photos of each vehicle once it has arrived at the port ready to export. Being and Importer my self many years ago I relized we could never get anyone to do photos of any high quality standard so we know this is important for our customers to try to resell your vehicles before you have them arrive in your country.