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Q: Orders.. how detailed can you get? Sunroof, spoiler, BBS alloys, red over green?

It is nice to have an exact order but unfortunately the more exact the order is the lesser the likelihood it is that you will ever own it. Try to convince your customer to be open-minded on what specs. they can expect to get on their dream car. Otherwise that is what it will remain, a dream car.

Q: Hows my order going? The rules of human nature.

Unfortunately we are governed by the rules of human nature as well. The person who emails and rings us every day checking up on their order is usually the one who gets the most attention. The last thing that we want to do is to buy a vehicle with your specs. and then find out that your client has gone elsewhere. An e-mail every few days removes such fears. Also e-mail us as soon as the order is fulfilled elsewhere.

Q: Only grade 4 cars please.. What is the real story of grading.

The Monday and Thursday Nissan auctions in Osaka only have a "repair history" and "no repair history". No grade 4 cars here. We bought a car at a Toyota auction and resold it at another auction 3 days later. The Toyota auction gave it a grade 2, the other auction gave it a grade 3.5. We made money on that one! Grading differs auction by auction, some being stricter, some being lenient. If you want a perfect car, say "perfect". If you don't mind 2 panels of paint, say "up to 2 panels of paint". It helps.

Q: Deposits. payments.. Are you a Genuine Buyer ?

If you are a first time importer from us, and you desire to purchase a fairly expensive vehicle, then yes it is a rather large step of faith to go out and buy a car for you. How do we know whether you are really wanting a car or just someone who likes to surf? A deposit goes a long way to convincing us. Payments? We have to pay the auctions within 5 days plus a 5% consumption tax. If you buy a rather expensive vehicle, your deposit doesn’t even cover what we have to pay the auctions... so immediate.. total payments are EXTREMELY appreciated. We started out by giving people "stretches", however, sorry to all those people who like elastic, but there are a lot of genuine people out there who want cars, so we need to use your "stretch money" to buy for them.

Q: Are these all the issues and questions you have?? Of course not.

We are waiting for you to grow and expand this section. Send us your inquiries and we will post them up here.